Netshot Configuration and Compliance Management Software

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Netshot Features

Configuration backup and history

Netshot maintains an history of the configurations of your network devices. Keep an eye on the changes made anywhere on your network!

Many devices supported

Netshot is compatible with the most famous network devices (Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel Lucent, Fortinet, etc.) out of the box.

Network Inventory

Netshot builds an inventory of the IP and MAC addresses of your network devices, along with the serial and part numbers of the hardware modules.

Software compliance

Define your preferred versions and keep your software strategy under control. Any device not matching the standard versions will be flagged immediately.

Hardware compliance

Define the End of Sale/Life dates and plan for the renewal of your hardware.

Configuration compliance

Define policies and rules to enforce configuration best pratices or your own standards.


Support of new devices can be very easily added by writing driver script files. The REST API can be used to extend Netshot.

Change automation

You can use Netshot to push changes to your network devices.

User authentication

Netshot's users can be authenticated either locally or centrally (RADIUS).


Netshot is made freely available by NetFishers. No restriction in usage, just download, install and use!