BLT The BGP Linkstate Topographer

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BLT Features

BGP Linkstate peering

BLT is able to establish and maintain one or several BGP LS sessions, towards both Juniper or Cisco routers, compliant with draft-ietf-idr-ls-distribution-10

Non intrusive IGP real time view

BLT is non intrusive by its very nature: one BGP session is enough to grab the entire IGP database content of your network, and to stay aware of any topology change or prefix addition/removal.

Storage of IGP Database

Wether you are using IS-IS, OSPFv2, or both at the same time is not a problem for BLT, because it can store all IGP databases and process updates real time

Network Controller

BLT acts as a robust and up to date network controller, with a northbound REST API, making a perfect building block for third party applications

Topology Grapher

BLT can draw a map of your IGP network, routers and links are draggable in jsPlumb legacy view. new in 0.4.0 : You may also choose to map your network on Google maps. All the IGP information is only one click away !

BLT is free without restriction


BLT is made freely available by NetFishers. No restriction in usage, just download, install and use!