Push a change to multiple devices using Netshot

Let’s see how to quickly push changes to multiple devices, using Netshot.

Note: As of Netshot 0.4, you need to be logged as an Administrator to be able to push changes to the devices.

  1. Select the devices in the main Devices view. You can select multiple devices by pressing the Shift or the Ctrl button while clicking on the devices.
    Select multiple devices
  2. Click on Run a script.
  3. Select the right driver (i.e. device type): among your selected devices, only the corresponding devices will be affected.
    Run script
  4. You can code an advanced script to make changes based on many parameters. For example, a simple script to remove the SNMP location on IOS-XR would be:

    function run(cli, device) { cli.macro("configure"); cli.command("no snmp-server location"); cli.macro("commit"); }

  5. Click Confirm and Netshot will do the job!
  6. You may want to manually schedule a snapshot to immediately capture the Netshot in Netshot.

Don't forget to consult the Help pages inside Netshot (Help button in the main toolbar) for information on all the features!