Netshot 0.4.3 is available

Netshot is now publicly and freely available.


Netshot is a backup and compliance tool for your network equipments.

  • Netshot backups the configuration of your network devices.
  • Netshot builds an history of the configurations, it tracks the configuration changes on your network.
  • Netshot builds an inventory of your devices' IP and MAC addresses.
  • Netshot builds an inventory of your devices' hardware modules (part numbers, serial numbers).
  • Netshot tracks the software compliance of your devices, based on your own preferences.
  • Netshot tracks the hardware end of sale/life status of your devices.
  • Netshot tracks the configuration compliance of your devices. You define regular expression rules or advanced script rules, to check any attribute of the devices and flag non conforming devices.
  • Netshot can push changes to your network devices if you want so.
  • Netshot supports many devices out of the box (Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, NX-OS, Juniper Junos, Fortinet FortiOS, Alcatel-Lucent TiMOS, etc.).
  • You can easily add your own device models by writing pieces of script.
  • Netshot can run on many platforms (you need a Java 8 JVM).

You can download version 0.4.3 from the official webpage. Enter your email address and you'll get a download link (don't worry, this is just a protection, your address won't be stored, shared or whatever).